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New Portfolio Site

While one's portfolio is never done (until you're done), I have been working on a new site that presents my work a bit more elegantly than the Picassa folders I've been using. I think it's looking good, but still needs some refinement. Please have a look, and I'd love your feedback.

You can see it here. Thanks for looking!



Hat Trick!

Following on our People's Choice Award in 2010 and our Jury of Peers Award last year, I was really honored when "AutoMashup 03", another photo-sculpture installation created with my good friend Mark Kidd, was recognized by our fellow artists again in 2012.

This year, the theme provided was 9X9X9. Mark and I sketched about, finally focusing on the form of the nautilus as our inspiration.

Viewed from above, the piece has the nautilus form. From eye level, there are facets that are over your head (9 feet) and others that are low enough to allow you to see into and through the structure. As we began to select images, we worked on surfaces - grids and grilles, reflections, curving and angular lines. Putting the images onto the form, a skyline started to emerge, so we went with this architectural scheme.

It's very gratifying to be recognized by fellow artists for our work. Thank you. We're already working on next year's piece!


Auto Masup 03 at SLusser Gallery - view 02

"Auto Mashup 03" at the Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

More views of AM03 here.


New Venture - Racing Line Films!

Racing Line Films - producers of video features for racers and race teams

Long-time friend and collaborator Ralph Pabst and I have set up a new company producing television quality profiles and features for sports cars racers and teams; Racing Line Films.

We worked last summer shooting and interviewing Porsche Club racers Mike Corrao and Glenn Spiegler at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and Gingerman Raceway near Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are currently pitching various clubs, venues and teams to line up work for next season.

Check out our first videos at



New Photography - Elements East


Ceramic Bowl at Elements East by Jeffery Blackwell


I recently had the opportunity to shoot some gorgeous Chinese and Tibetan furniture and accessories for Elements East. They have two shops, one in Delafield, and the other in Shorewood, WI.

These are some beautifully carved, textured and painted pieces. I really enjoyed shooting them.



Exhibit at the Delafield Arts Center

Exhibit of photography by Jeff Blackwell at the Delafield Arts Center


Seven of my series of photographs, "Automotive Americana" were recently shown at the Delafield Arts Center in Delafield Wisconsin. Most of these images have been published in my blog Rubber@Road over the last year.

Thanks for a wonderful turnout at the Opening Reception. Especially those who drove so far on a rainy night. I appreciate it!

If you're in the area, please stop by and support the Arts Center. It's located at 803 Genesee St.

Exhibit of photography by Jeff Blackwell at the Delafield Arts Center


Two for Two at the U-Michigan Alumni Show!

At last year's University of Michigan School of Art & Design Alumni Show, "Auto Mashup 01", my collaboration with my good friend Mark Kidd, won a People's Choice Award. This year, our fellow artists got to select their favorite pieces. Mark and I took our art off the wall and onto the floor with a photographic sculpture. And walked away with a Jury of Peers Award.

The piece, "AutoMashup 02" is something of an homage to the Cubists, but in three dimensions. With the show's theme being "Things That Move", we wanted to entice the viewer to walk all the way around the piece, and experience a streaming montage of the various vehicles. It's fascinating how your brain tries to make coherent images from parts that really don't fit together.

And props to our printer, Dale Estes, who again this year pulled out all the stops!

It's an honor to be chosen for this award out of almost 180 entries.

Jeff Blackwell and Mark Kidd received The Jury of Your Peers Award at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design Alumni Show



Power to The People!

I am pleased to say that The People chose my collaboration with fellow gearhead and good friend Mark Kidd, entered in the University of Michigan School of Art & Design Alumni Show as... well, their Choice!

The piece - "Auto Mashup 01" is a photographic collage illustrating a wide range of personal expression via the automobile.

Jeff Blackwell and Mark Kidd received The People's Choice Award at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design Alumni Show

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